Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd.
Ship in dry dock

Specialist Advisory Services

Tactical Marine Solutions provides the expertise to plan and implement:

Shipping feasibility studies

Assessment of new shipping systems, including ice covered waters
  • Determine capacity constraints (ship size)
  • Determine terminal constraints
  • Conduct route analysis/transit study (vital for ice covered waters)
  • Review and brief the client on applicable government regulations and their impact
  • Determine ship design, given constraints and operational considerations
  • Establish detailed operational, voyage and capital costs
  • Construct a financial model from a shipowner's perspective
  • Carry out optimisation using operational research tools

Peformancing systems

Design and implementation of systems to improve operational performance of shipping systems
  • Analysis of operations
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Selection of measures
  • Implementation of system
  • Confirmation of effectiveness via feedback loops
  • Monitoring

Risk analysis and control

Application of risk analysis techniques to shipping scenarios, to quantify risk and establish risk mitigation measures, if required
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Route definition
  • Risk estimation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk control

Preparation of RFP/RFQ

Preparation of Requests for Proposals or Request for Quotations for new shipping services
  • Define the system or trade that is to be bid
  • Establish criteria to be used in the measurement of responses
  • Define weightings for criteria according to customer's priorities
  • Establish prequalification criteria
  • Write and issue prequalification announcement
  • Receipt and processing of prequalification bids
  • Write RFP/RFQ
  • Issue RFP/RFQ to prequalified tenderers
  • Evaluation of tender responses

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