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Tanker in ice

Arctic Services

Shipping in the Arctic is different.

Assumptions that we make with conventional shipping don't necessarily hold true when millions of tons of ice stand between your ship and the load port you need her to get to. Add to that the fact that there may be a lot more ice than you planned for, or a lot less. Does this mean then that projects that rely on shipping in ice are inherently riskier than ones that don't involve ice? Yes it does, but that doesn't mean that the risk can't be analyzed and managed to a successful conclusion as long as you have the right people with the right skills on your side.

Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd. brings experts to the task of analyzing the feasibility of shipping in ice. We produce solutions.

An essential part of the evaluation of an operation in the Arctic is combining the theoretical and practical. The people we bring to the task have experience from previous projects and are familiar with the process of pre-feasibility and feasibility stages of new energy and mining developments. But they also have spent time on the bridge in heavy ice, interpreting satellite imagery and relating it to the ice around them. And they've made sure the vessel they designed performed as promised.

Using a multidisciplinary approach TMS builds a model that can be shared with other groups working on the evaluation. When the project is complete you will have a thorough understanding of the risks, costs and challenges associated with shipping and ice.

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