Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd.
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Tactical Marine Solutions' has the experience and specialist applied knowledge to understand your shipping needs.

Dermot Loughnane, CEO

Dermot Loughnane, CEOA Master Mariner (1988), Dermot has the practical experience of 14 years at sea, combined with shore positions in the shipping and oil and gas industries in marine operations, chartering and business development.

Before founding Tactical Marine Solutions he was Managing Director of the largest shipping company in Australia with 16 major vessels, 10 minor vessels and 1,000 employees. Earlier he managed the marine department of a Canadian oil company, and formed and ran a high tech joint venture related to Arctic shipping in Russia.

Matthias Teichrieb, Operations Manager

Matthias Teichrieb, Operations ManageMatthias Teichrieb is responsible for the operations, technical management and crewing of all managed ships, with the primary emphasis always being the safe and efficient operation of the vessels.

Matthias started his marine engineering career as a cadet onboard the Canadian Coast Guard vessels on the west coast of Canada. He completed his cadetship with P&O Princess Cruises, being one of the first Canadian cadets to join their fleet. He continued to work on mid and large passenger ships for several years, in positions of increasing responsibility including positions as Chief Engineer.

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