Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd.
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Welcome to Tactical Marine Solutions

A marine management group with the proven ability to design or evaluate shipping systems, find and negotiate the acquisition of specialized ships, and manage ships, safely, economically and effectively.

Tactical Marine Solutions offers better solutions for complex shipping requirements, whether you are a shipping company, the marine department of a resources company, a research institute, or government agency.

We specialise in:

Finding the right ship for your requirements, based upon our long experience chartering in a variety of trades and our worldwide network of shipowners and brokers.

Bespoke ship management, tailored for the particular needs of the research, offshore, ferry and polar segments. We employ a comprehensive system for procurement, maintenance and safety management of ships.

Evaluating planned shipping projects. This includes managing ice transit studies, detailed voyage, operating and capital costs analysis, financial modelling, vessel conceptual design, regulatory impacts and scheduling.

Advising how to improve under performing shipping systems, based on real world experience. We help you to introduce performancing processes with the right KPIs and feedback loop to constantly improve your operations.

"For real gains, change the way the business operates. We can help you stand back and see what needs to be done and then make it happen."

Recent Projects

Procurement, negotiation and chartering of an ice class offshore patrol vessel.

Seaborne re-supply operations:

review and recommendations to improve efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Commercial and technical management of a research ship, including comprehensive refit, extension and conversion to a hybrid propulsion system:

Further details can be found here.

A new resource development project:

work included a review of potential ports and terminals, scheduling, vessel design and capex/opex projections.

A potential LNG shipping system:

advice on Arctic operations.

Shipping feasibility for a new mine in the Arctic:

encompassing the ice transit study, conceptual vessel design, scheduling optimisation, voyage and capex/opex modeling.

A new LNG operation:

work included forecast capex/opex, crewing costs, training and impact of government regulations.

Seismic operations in previously unsurveyed areas of the Arctic:

advice on Arctic operations, including preparing and delivering seminars on operations in ice.
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