Operations Management

Tactical Marine Solutions provides its clients with a comprehensive range of marine services based on many years of experience and access to industry-leading partners.

Our corporate philosophy is based on providing marine services that are driven by the customer’s requirements and not by our own vision of what they should be. By working with and understanding the customers drivers we strive to deliver a bespoke service that is mutually beneficial.

We can only succeed so far as our customers; our employees and our suppliers succeed.


Scope of services

Given the breadth of expertise within and available to Tactical Marine Solutions we are able to offer innovative solutions to your shipping requirements.

  • We can do the feasibility analysis required for new trades
  • Determine the optimum shipping solution
  • Have the appropriate ship designed or find the appropriate ship in the market
  • Negotiate the charter or purchase
  • Arrange the financing
  • Do the pre-hire inspection
  • Manage the ship(s) once they are in service

Tactical Marine Solutions can be your marine department.

If you have a requirement for a particular ship/service, and do not wish to be the charterer or operator we can provide a turnkey service.

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Manage Your Ship Operations

A ship is a complex system.

The components of that system are interdependent and subject to constant change.

Our approach to the management of ships is to recognize that complexity and manage it to address the different aspects of the operation while providing a vehicle for improvement of the system.

This requires comparing the performance to established goals and using the information gained to improve both the performance of the individual ship and the overall management system.

When Tactical Marine Solutions assumes the operational management of a ship we seek to understand where the ship or ships fits in to the overall transportation system of the customer.

We jointly establish goals for the shipping operation and determine the measurements that will quantify the progress towards those goals.

During our stewardship of any vessel we regularly conduct performance reviews with the customer/owner/ship manager, to discuss the progress, to establish whether there have been any changes to in the business that could affect the operation and to adapt the operation as a result of those changes.