Interesting, I read an article that said that if you used your Macbook in one place usually that you shouldAlfalfa--C10113037.jpeg
hook it up by ethernet rather than just using wireless, as it always will be faster. I did that and got a modest speed boost, when I checked the cable I found it was Cat 5, not 5e which I thought was the current standard network cable. I went to order a 5e from this site I found ( and noticed that now there is a Cat 6! The cable cost me all of about $5 plus shipping. I was getting 13mbs/s on the old Cat 5, when I switched to the Cat 6 …

Here's with Cat 5:


Here's a minute later with Cat 6:


Since then I've hit over 30mb's occasionally as well. Water goes faster through a pipe than a straw so makes sense the connection is faster.

Incidentally, is the best site I've come across for testing your internet connection speed, at least for those thus inclined.