Yes it's true, the tactmarine site has been taken down, given a good scrub with a stiff bristle brush, spray painted with a noxious primer then coated with paint till it's shiny as new.

Actually most of the changes are fairly minor, mostly to bring the site into line with the work that I've actually been doing (as opposed to what I THOUGHT i was going to be doing). I did add an Arctic specific page and also hung off a couple of brochures, the existing Arctic one that I made up for the Lloyd's conference in Montreal and a new one of a more general nature. 

Thanks to FCR in Sydney for their advice on content and images, and as ever to the long suffering webmeisters at EdgeFlow Media for the never ending change requests from me, (after all it's a journey not a destination!) and for knocking together the ad so quickly.

If anyone has any comments on the changes to the site, please let me know, all feedback gratefully accepted.