This has absolutely nothing to do with things shipping or marine but is fascinating nonetheless. What I like the most is that it takes an old technique, time lapse photography, and turns into something that is technically elegant and beautiful at the same time. It's a year in the life of Tokyo, shot with a relatively low cost DSLR, a Canon Rebel.

This will take awhile to load as it's a big file, best to press the play and then pause while you grab a coffee and wait for most of the file to load before you watch. If you press the HD button on the right side of the screen and then the HD symbol that appears on the screen it will take you to the Vimeo web site where you can watch in very sharp HD.

I'll quote from the authors site:

"Shot over the span of a year with Canon DSLRs (mostly 350d), processed
with Lightroom (raw files color adjustment and resizing)/VirtualDub
(deshaker/deflicker filters)/Sony Vegas (editing). Original rendered in

Music is "Is That What Everybody Wants" from Cliff Martinez's superb
soundtrack for Solaris, available from all major music outlets."

By the way, the definition of remanence is: The imprint of energy that remains long after an object has been moved

remanence : variance from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo.